is NOT a Coincidence...

"An Introverted, hardworking & cheerful Graphic/Web Designer,who had 10 over years of experiences in Creative Industry."



Leads a simple life just like anyone else until one day, she discovered her career and life become stagnant. She realised the MAIN FAILURE in her life is "COMMUNICATION".  She blamed herself for not being able to speak up and finally, she lost all her confidence and sunk into darkness.

How linking gaps is born

However as she groped in the darkness to the other side of the dead end, she discovered the thinnest brim of light, a new insight; If human already have difficulties communicating with one another, how can a piece of visual help in "LINKING" up the"GAPS" of communication between people?

The open door

Linking Gaps is aware of the  communication gaps between people to people in every businesses. Like the thinnest brim of light, visual is the first tool to help you discover the door. Open it and invite your customers to get to know you. Every door leads to BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES.

Our mission 

"To identify each company's uniqueness, develop into design that helps clients in getting new businesses through visual communications"


Our core values 

Professional, Responsible, Innovative, Zealous, Efficient


Our Vision

"To OPEN UP every hidden business opportunity and GROW together as ONE
throughout all seasons."