More Questions for Us?

Q01: Is hiring a Graphic Designer expensive?

It depends. Some Graphic Designers charge per hour, while some would charge by project-based. At Linking Gaps, we charged by a one-time project basis at an affordable and reasonable price. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Q02: I already have a design layout, will Linking Gaps charge lower?

It depends on how much effort designers need to re-do the layout, from one programme to another design programme. Generally, it will cost around 5% - 8% lower of the original price. (*Subject to changes)

Q03: I want to do my own design, but not sure how to go about it...

You may contact us for a 1.5 hour FREE consultant on your design. You may also be interested in joining our short courses in designing.
Alternatively, you may like to share with us your ideas, and the designers will execute for you.

Q04: I do not have any contents or images to start with, what should I do?

We can sit down together and discuss about your business, so as to understand more. We can do simple write-ups with no more than 80 words. For more in-depth copywriting, additional charges may apply.
For images, you can purchase from any stock images website and send us the pictures for input. However, if the artwork costs $160 and above, there will be free stock images provided for you. The number of FREE stock photos will vary with the costs of the artwork.

Q05: Do Linking Gaps helps in purchasing stock images for us?

We do help to purchase stock images, provided we received payments from customers beforehand. Payment can be made via bank transfer. However, a $15 administrative charge may apply.

Q06:Can we download free images from the web to use it on our collaterals?

It is NOT advisable to do so. Mostly there will be copyrights infringement although it may "appear" to be FREE during your search. The images may come from other company's website. It is best to purchase it online. Remember, a copyrights infringment costs much more than purchasing an image. It is not worth the risk to do so.

Q07: How many man days do DESIGNERS need to come out with the 1st Draft Design?

Usually we need 3 to 4 man days to come up with the first draft for designs like logos, namecards, flyers, 4PP brochures. (*Subject to changes during peak periods). We believe in quality. There will be 2 options for you to choose from. From there, we will develop into final artwork.
For artwork that needs more time and effort, for example, 8PP Brochure or catalogue, we seek your understanding to give us more time for the laying out of text and cropping of high resolution images.

Q08: How long does a project takes to complete?

Depending on the turnaround time and number of amendments, the fastest it will take around 1 to 2 weeks. For every projects, even difficult ones, we hope and strive to complete within 3 months, unless circumstances stated otherwise..

Q09: How many times are we able to change a design?

You are entitled to have the 3rd design if you are still not satisfied with the 1st and 2nd design. There will be additional charges for the 4th design onwards.

Q10: What if I still do not like the design?

We will have a more in-depth discussion to clarify the concerns and needs, and then draft out a design for you. However, client has the rights to hire another designer, but the deposit for the artwork is NOT refundable.

Q11: Can Designers do a few drafts first before we commit to give this project?

Previously yes, but now not anymore., because it takes time and effort to create drafts. We think it is unfair to the other clients who have already committed and made partial payment to us, and also to the designers who have spent their time and effort to create.

Q12: Our artwork is very URGENT! Can do it NOW? By TODAY?

We will try our best, and will inform you the best time we will hand out the artwork to you. However, we advise clients to give at least a month's time beforehand to start the artwork. This is because creating a draft needs time, turnaround amendments needs time too. Furthermore, printing and delivery need at least 6-8 working days ( excluding peak periods). This is to prepare us for unexpected circumstances ahead.

Q13: Will we be given working files?

Yes, only after you have made the full payment.

Q14: How is the payment terms like?

After the confirmation of quotation for the artwork, 50% deposit is needed to start the project (no matter how urgent the artwork is). This is to protect designers from working on "unseen" projects. Another 50% balance must be fully paid after completion of artwork, before sending for print.

Q15: Do Linking Gaps do printing too?

We do collaborate with a reliable printing partner. However, FULL payment has to be made before printing can proceed.

Q16: How long does it take to print?

For instant digital print (eg. namecards), it takes around 2-3 days, self collection.
For standard printing (eg. 300pcs, 500pcs namecards, flyers), it usually takes around 6 to 7 working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
You can self-collect or deliver it to your place at an additional costs.

More questions for us? Contact us now at enquiry@linkinggaps.com or wats app at 9235 7831.