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Life is NOT only a Journey...

     Life is like a Design. You create it, you go through hardships and different experiences, and finally it becomes your ONE and ONLY workmanship. Sometimes, we feel tired, sometimes we feel
     demoralised, sometimes we feel like giving up. But for me, at the end of the day, I still believe and choose to follow my passion . Do you have the courage to do that too? Always be Inspired!
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     Be a Life Designer! Together we shall make this world a brighter and meaningful place to live on.


ebook - Life If


How does it feel when others judge you like a cover?

Most of the time, we subconsciously would judge a person based on their dress code.
We judge their characters based on our first impression. We judge on whatever we see to determine a person's life. We even create assumptions and distortions about ourselves. So what is judgment all about?

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ebook - Life If

Life (IF)...

If you have the chance to re-design your life, what would it be?

Procrastination, fear, greed, self-blamed, helpessness, after which we can only use "IF" to minimise the regrets and guilt we had. But what if, there comes a day WITHOUT "IF" anymore, how would it affects you? To download this FREE ebook, kindly email to

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eBook - Life's Horizon

Life's Horizon

The Thinnest Line between Life
and Purpose

Ever wonder why are you in this world? Ever wonder what is your life purpose? Ever wonder what happen when you lose your horizon? A life sharing experience where the author found her own purpose during her darkest moment. A NEW HOPE to discover!

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Have your Life Gone Stagnant?

To Stay On? To Move On?

Many times, people stay stagnant because of commitment, comfort zone, or mostly, FEAR of the unknown. A short story to probe us into thinking what we want in life, shall we remain or to move on. But whatever it is, nothing remains the same.

John Doe

Life of the ostrich?

Find the "Ostrich" in you!

A funny short story about how the ostrich came into the author's mind, and how it helps her to discover that everyone is special, including herself. You do not have to win an Oscar, you just have to find an "Ostrich" in you!